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Our story

Over the past three decades, KSK Group has taken impeccable strides to be a stage maker within its respective industries throughout Southeast Asia and the world.

Vision and Mission

Our vision. To be industry leaders through constant innovation and by cultivating our human potential on a global level.

Our mission. To set new industry benchmarks by crafting innovative, thought-provoking experiences that spark conversation and establish us as habitual pioneers.

Core Values

We are honest, open and humble.
We prize a workplace that creates freedom and responsibilities through the empowerment of authority to support self-governance. We choose transparency, inclusion, feedback and fairness. Our passion is served with integrity.


We shape innovators, leaders and challengers.
Through a nurturing ecosystem of apprenticeship, our tribe can learn, grow and use their strengths to advance towards their personal and professional goals. We cultivate leaders with courage and wisdom that constantly challenge the status quo. We take charge through creativity with action.


We create an impact.
Through small actions, we make gigantic impacts in the lives of our tribe, our customers and society-at-large. Throughout each customer’s enjoyably personalised journey, we demonstrate genuine care through attentive support and quality guarantees that leave a lasting mark.


Bangunan KSK 32 Jalan Yap Ah Shak 50300 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

T. +603-2693 1668

F. +603-2697 0067


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