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Corporate Social Responsibilities

The Board is committed to doing the right things as individuals and as a company. The Board aims to manage the business in a responsible and ethical manner, to make positive impact on the environment and support the communities in which we operate. By doing so, the Board is able to identify and serve new markets and businesses, drive efficiency and cut operating costs via environmental actions, enhance our brand and reputation and attract the best talents to work for us with long term commitments.

Overall responsibility for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) lies with the Board and Group CEO. The Board would focus on 4 broad areas that the Board consider important to the business and where it believes it can make its contributions.

  1. To the Community

    As an insurer in Thailand and Indonesia, we play a vital role in helping the local societies and businesses recover from when the worst happens. The insurance business is about protecting people against unforeseen risks. The Board at KSK remain committed in helping its customers get their lives back on track as our first priority.

    The Group contributed funds to various CSR activities during the financial year under review. During the year, the activities are as follows:

    • KSK Insurance (Thailand) Public Co., Ltd. supported and was one of the sponsors for the Thailand National Police Office's Road Safety Campaign during the Songkran Festival (Water Festival) between 12-16th April 2012. The campaign was to instill a sense of road safety during the Songkran Festival which sees and influx of people travelling on the road. KSK contributed THB300,000 to the good cause.
    • Sponsored and participated in the "Blind leading the Blind Charity Walk" with the theme "Lions Journey for Sight" organised by the Lions Club Malaysia. The Group has sponsored PA Coverage worth RM30 million and RM20,000 cash in support of the Walk. Over 100 employees of the Group together with their family members took part in the Walk to help raise funds. All proceeds from the charity walk will be used to train doctors and nurses in eye surgery, and to buy lens, aesthetics, surgical instruments and medication.
    • Participated in Taman Pusat Kepong Resident Association's fundraising campaign with the aim of promoting a healthy lifestyle among its youths. The donation was to help raise funds to build a new basketball court.
  2. At Our Workplace

    At KSK, we depend on the knowledge, experience, entrepreneurship and creativity of our employees. We expect the highest standards from them as we drive performance via performance management system and KPI structure.

    In return, KSK encourage their professional development by providing opportunities for training and development, provide attractive benefits and support their wellbeing. As a responsible employer, the health and safety of our employees is of paramount importance. KSK recognise that managing health and safety risk is a core management activity and an important component of our values.

    KSK keeps its employees engaged constantly as we believe that engaged employees are motivated employees and key to achieving a high performance culture. KSK constantly seek employees' opinions and feedback to ensure continuous 2-way communication in providing the ideal culture and workplace for them.

    All KSK employees are made aware of its brand values which set and drive the culture of KSK, what KSK stands for, how it should behave towards each other and action we must take to meet all our stakeholders' needs as well as meeting the Company's objectives and strategies.

    KSK believes in fairness and equality amongst employees, believe in diversity at workplace and in the employment of our team. We continue to build an inclusive culture where employees believe that their views are heard, their concerns are addressed, and they work in an environment where bias, discrimination and harassment are not tolerated and where advancement is based on merit.

  3. For the environment

    KSK takes environmental issues seriously. We believe that small steps and actions in conserving energy and using efficient energy and resources go a long way in helping to minimize environmental impacts that present risks for our business and society.

    Our approach is to minimise the impacts of our operations from our offices and travel, as well as targeting paper use, waste, electricity and water.

    • We constantly strive to improve energy efficiency, waste disposal, travel impacts and resources use in our office daily operations. We are a strong advocate in using IT/technology and encourage moving towards paperless environment to save the use of paper. E-policy system in our insurance business in Indonesia and Thailand is KSK's other initiative in promoting a paperless environment.
    • Wherever practical, we seek to minimise the production of wastes and encourage staffs to participate in reuse and recycling initiatives.
    • We strive to maintain a reasonably clean workspace for all employees. Offices should be cleaned on a regular scheduled basis to ensure continuous clean interior air quality, prevent fire hazards and maintain the health of all employees.
    • Wherever practical, we avoid physically travelling to meetings where alternatives are available, practical and more environmental friendly, such as using teleconferencing, video conferencing or web cams, and efficient timing of meetings to avoid multiple trips. These options are also often more time efficient, whilst not sacrificing the benefits of regular contact with clients and partners.
    • We will continuously strive to give back to the communities by volunteering and donating resources.
  4. At Marketplace
    • We are committed to continuously enhance value for our shareholders. Our aim is to provide high quality products and services to our customers.
    • We uphold human rights in our operations. We are committed to eliminating discrimination and protecting human rights internally and in our areas of influence. We ensure that we comply with the Human Rights and Labour Law policies in the countries that we operate in. We keep aware and have identified no risk of child or forced labour in any of our operations. Due to the nature of our businesses, this type of abuse is unlikely.
    • We avoid employees and Company's involvement in politics. We are apolitical and do not engage in political activity, support political parties or have any political affiliations worldwide.
    • We aim to comply fully with all government and local legislation applicable in each country in which we operate.
    • We treat our customers fairly and do not discriminate against race, colour, sex, religion, political affiliation, nationality, sexual orientation, social origin, deficiencies, age or handicaps.
    • We deal with complaints. In complaints management, we strive to ensure accessibility for anyone to raise concerns such as call centers. We take complaints very seriously and have put processes in place to ensure such complaints are handled fairly and in a timely manner.