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The KSK Group is a rapidly growing financial services and investment conglomerate in the Southeast Asia region. The Group was rebranded from Kurnia Asia Berhad in 2012, carrying on the legacy of Kurnia Insurans (Malaysia) Berhad, which was founded by Tan Sri Dato’ Paduka Kua Sian Kooi twenty one years ago. The Group's current core business focuses in general insurance and it aspires to grow into a diversified conglomerate. In line with its aspiration, the Group ventured into property development in 2013.

The five founding principles of the Group are resilience, trustworthiness, team work, innovation and entrepreneurial spirit and they are also the foundation of the Group's culture. Being resilient, the Group strives to build a lasting organisation. The trust given and received amongst leaders and employees of the Group alike are the essential building blocks of the Group. The esprit de corps within the Group is the very essence of its culture. Being innovative allows the Group to embrace new and creative ideas. With the entrepreneurial spirit deeply rooted within, the Group continues to explore new challenges and opportunities.

The Group believes there are infinite possibilities in the human spirit. Coupled with the founding principles of resilience, trustworthiness, team work, innovation and entrepreneurial spirit, the Group is ready and looks forward to the envisaged business expansion and growth in the region and beyond.

The KSK Group aims to become a leading conglomerate under the able leadership of Tan Sri Dato’ Paduka Kua. Together with a capable management team, the Group is set to achieve greater accomplishments.

The chosen colour of the logo is warm red, which represents being passionate, bold and energetic.